Meet David

David is born and raised in South County all his life. He was raised by his two parents, John and Janet, and he has a twin brother, Dan, and a sister, Sarah.

From an early age, the Gregorys taught their children traditional conservative values and the importance of faith. As a South County native, David attended Saint Catherine Laboure School and then DeSmet Jesuit High School. From there, David earned his undergraduate degree in accounting, an MBA, and a Juris Doctor from St. Louis University.

Today, David is a successful businessman, an attorney, and an active member of our local community. Even though he spends most of his time operating his law firm, David still finds time to coach youth hockey, volunteer for mentorship programs at his church, and participate in local political organizations. In 2015, David was elected Treasurer of the Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club. Since then, David appears to be on the rise, and at only 31 years old, is the Missouri Republican that has the energy and skillset to help the GOP attract and appeal to younger voters.

Ever since David formally announced his candidacy, he has continued to turn heads by securing several top-brass endorsements. Running on a promise to protect traditional conservative principles in South County and engage youthful voters, Gregory has already gained the endorsement from District 96’s current incumbent, Mike Leara. District 95 Representative, Jim Avery, District 64 Represenative, Robert Cornejo, and former District 1 Senator and 2015 Missouri Republican of the Year, Jim Lembke, have also formally endorsed David. David is even enjoying an onslaught of support from local Republican Township and Municipal officials, such as: Meramec Republican Township Committeewoman, Rene Artman, Tesson Ferry Republican Township Committeeman, John Judd, and the newly elected Mayor of the City of Sunset Hills, Pat Fribis.


After the 2012 Presidential Election, the Republican Party spent millions of dollars to survey its perception in the eyes of ordinary Americans. The findings of that survey reveal a harsh reality— that the Republican Party faces a tremendous problem today and tomorrow. Why? Because the largest voting block in America, the Millennial Generation, holds a hostile view towards the GOP.   

Luckily, David has answered our Party’s call to endorse candidates that can safeguard our traditional conservative values today, while making these principles seem appealing to the voters of tomorrow. As a young and energetic, conservative entrepreneur that has amassed a great deal of success in academia and in the workplace, David is the right man at the right time for the job.

While David has received many offers to work and live elsewhere, David has never strayed too far from his childhood roots and conservative values. As a local, David knows why South County is great and what it takes for this community to continue to flourish. South County is wonderful place to live, that Bloomberg Businessweek magazine named Crestwood, Missouri the Best Place to Raise Kids in Missouri, and that the national online ranking service, Niche, hailed the Lindbergh School District as one of the top school districts in the nation, but yet, despite all of these accolades, David thinks that even more can be done.

By keeping faith at the forefront, focusing on traditional conservative values, and protecting our inalienable freedoms, South County will not only continue to excel, but it will lead the charge as a beacon of conservatism into the future. But we can’t do it alone. David needs your help. Contact David today and see how you can help David enhance our community, protect conservatism, appeal to our youth, and keep South County one of Missouri’s crown jewels.