I am proud to call myself pro-life. As your representative, I will do everything to stand up for the (protection of) the unborn. This is a non-negotiable issue for me.

Second Amendment

The second amendment serves as the keeper of all other rights. I will make it a priority to protect and expand your God-given right to bear arms.

Pro Law Enforcement

We must protect those that protect us. The brave men and women who put their lives on the line deserve our highest respects. I hope to be an advocate for our men and women in law enforcement by giving them the tools they need to protect us and themselves.

Religious Liberty

The freedom to live out our faith is among the most fundamental in our nation’s history. Today, that freedom is in jeopardy. As a man of faith, I understand how important this freedom is and I will do everything to protect it.

Medicacid Expansion

Obamacare is wrong for the state of Missouri. That includes Medicaid expansion. I will fight any attempt to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and work to bring real, meaningful reforms to our state’s healthcare (system).

Regulatory Reform

Missouri can no longer afford to be at the bottom of the United States for job creation. As a proven entrepreneur, I understand the difficulties of small business owners. I will aggressively advocate against the burdens our legislators attempt to impose on small business owners.

Fiscal Resposibility

As a small business owner, I know our economic pressures are changing. We are forced to produce better results in shorter periods of time and with fewer resources available. If we want our state to prosper, we must work hard to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Low Taxes

Taxes in the Show Me State are already too high. I will always fight to keep your taxes low, because you know better how to use your hard-earned money, than anyone in Jefferson City.