I’m supporting David because of his commitment to conservative principles. He understands that a limited government and lower taxes are what our state needs for a better future.

Jim Lembke, Former State Senator - 1st District

David Gregory has the energy, skills, and youth we need for the future.

Mike Leara, Missouri State Rep - 96th District

We need young leaders in place in Jefferson City to advance leadership with forward thinking ideas. David Gregory represents the future of the State of Missouri and I am happy to endorse him. I am confident he will support our city after his election.

Mike Polizzi, Mayor - Fenton, MO

David Gregory shares the values of our community and knows what it will take to bring them into the future.

John Judd, Committeeman for Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club

David Gregory is a great asset to South County and will continue to support our community and work hard for our residents.

Pat Fribis, Sunset Hills alderman and candidate for Sunset Hills Mayor

David will bring proven experience and leadership to the table. He is exactly the kind of conservative we need in Jefferson City.

Robert Cornejo, State Representative, 64th District

David Gregory brings fresh ideas and vigor to the Republican party, which is so needed in this time of continuing decline in its membership. He will serve us well.

Rene Artman, Committeewoman for Meramac Township Republican Club

David Gregory’s energy and determination to solve complex problems is exactly what our community needs

Chip Wood, Realty Brokerage

We are also proud to have the endorsements of many other prominent leaders

James Avery, former state Representative of the 96th district
Jan DeWeese, Committeewoman for Bonhomme Township Republican Club
Tony Pousosa, Committeeman for Concord Township Republican Club
Jennifer Bird, Committeewoman for Gravois Township Republican Club
Robert Cornejo, State Representative for the 64th district
Mike Tsichlis, candidate for Lindbergh school board